With 45 years farming industry experience, as your property consultant,
I can develop a custom land management plan to suit your land and your lifestyle. As a benefit to you, your first consultation is free of charge.

I specialise in the smaller property scale and can advise the best options of use for your land, specific to your goals, knowledge, time and location. From this scope, I can produce a budget of predicted income and expenditure to formulate the process and pathways to reach your desired goals and outcomes.

A smaller sized property does not have the need for a full-time, onsite farm manager or the larger more commercial sized equipment required for some tasks. Having my organisational experience and wealth of knowledge on hand, as well as my established relationships with contractors within the industry, your property can run seamlessly.







The buying of suitable, quality livestock for clients across all breeds and the management of any livestock already owned. It is advised that all stock follow a 12 month animal health plan which I can set out (see below for more details).


As part of your land management plan, it will include a paddock rotation process custom to your property size, to benefit both the animals but also the condition of your property.

One of my specialties and passions is livestock breeding.

I have rams for lease available upon request to paddock with your well maintained, healthy ewes. If this is something you want to look into further please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Stock maintenance also includes the selling of livestock for a premium.



With 45 years of farming experience I can advise the best options of use for your land. As an independent point of view, I have your best interests at the forefront. Lifestyle property management allows for the property owner to gain maximum productivity from their land while having the smallest impact on the environment. It can increase profits at the same time as lowering costs if managed properly. My clients are guaranteed the satisfaction of having their lifestyle on track.


Implement a 12 month animal health plan for all farmed livestock.

The purpose of this is to maintain healthy, happy livestock that are of premium quality. This includes but is not limited to vaccinations, drenching, dietary advice, vitamins and mineral blocks. Mobile yards are available for lease as required for animal services.

There are benefits to having animal health plans in place. When it comes to on-selling livestock or breeding, you will have a health record history on file to prove the quality of your stock and fetch premium market prices.



Once I am a part of your team, I am available to complete farm maintenance when required eg. mowing, basic fence testing or repairs, fertiliser spreading. We will work together to keep your land management plan on task and reassess any progress as needed. All work completed will be kept on record for future budgeting, forecasting and property value assessments.

There may be some maintenance or seasonal requirements that I am unable to complete but having been in the industry for many years I have established, reliable connections to agricultural contractors. I will project manage all contractors as required. These jobs may include but are not limited to fencing, shearing, pasture processing etc.

I will be your first point of contact for any unplanned maintenance or repairs as these can become costly if not assessed properly.



Once your land management plan is completed, I can provide a budget of predicted income and expenditure for your property. This formulates the process and pathways to reach your desired goals and outcomes. We want to maximise the efficiency and value of your property. 

From visiting your property, this budget will include any planned or required improvements in the first instance to get you running but as with anything, sometimes there are unplanned maintenance and repairs required (not in the initial budget) that do not come as a pleasant surprise. As a first port of call for any issues, I can assist in repairs or organise the right person to get the job done in a cost-effective, timely manner.

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